Help please with NetworkManager


Sorry guys the parrot community is so shit.
And I'm helpless.
And unable to upload inxi dk why it's isn't getting uploaded even though less than 10mb
My pc wifi and wired connection is broke.
Phone is my only properly working device.
So I had to post the pics rather than outputs.
Please kindly help after watching this pictures.

I know I shouldn’t have posted it here.
But my assignments are bugging on my head.
And without net I'm broke

I am sorry but we cannot help you here.
We can't make this forum a meeting place for refugees from other forums.
Already the fact of using Garuda in a Virtual Machine would not be officially supported. But for problems specific to Garuda, it's OK to ask, maybe some volunteers will give you a hand.
But if it is a "host" problem, no. In addition, Parrot is a distribution based on Debian, so you'd better search the forums of that "family".
By the way, we prefer not to have pictures here, but text. Especially when it comes to the terminal.
Honestly (and don't take this as an offence), I think that a career in ethical hacking should be based on building skills from the ground up. System management and especially network administration should be a prerequisite to start seeing the applications above. In my opinion you should invest more time in this. Study and learn instead of begging for help.


Just FYI.

You can use USB phone tethering to get a temporary internet connection for your computer. You can also upload terminal outputs even without a being able to boot to a desktop environment. Pictures are unwelcome and almost always unnecessary, always post as text not pics.