Help please! HP Pavilion sound system only works on old Garuda distro

Hello. Sorry if this is not quite how things are done around here but I have a problem and need a resolution urgently.

I use a HP Pavilion. This model is infamous for its faulty sound card connection. The Garuda version that shipped May '22 is literally the only Linux distro that has ever worked with the sound card and allowed me to use both headjack and onboard speakers. I don't know why this is, as it seems Garuda runs two separate sound system programs.

The problem is that the system has been pushing for an update for months now. I have tried the update but it was not compatible with my sound card and nothing I tried worked. I was forced to roll back to my previous version using Timestamp.

An hour ago, my laptop crashed. Since then, I can power on and login in normally, but now have no access to any desktop features (battery life, Firefox, terminal). I can't access anything.

So. If anybody could offer some insight into the

Please post the output of garuda-inxi so we can take a look.

Paste the output between three tildes (~) before and after to preserve code formatting,
like this.


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