Help me with xbox controller (Garuda Gaming Edition)

I have a problem with connecting my xbox controller. When I try connecting in bluetooth settings, the controller shows up but when I’m trying to connect it doesn’t show “Trust” the device notification. I tried everything, xbox drivers, bluetooth drivers. With the xbox drivers sometimes the controller does vibrate (and with cable) but it just doesn’t connect, it just keeps blinking in pairing mode. And I’m not on “Do not disturb” mode.
Please help me out.

LAGkitty :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Use a cable.


cable aint working eather

Please post your garuda-inxi output as requested in the template.

Edit: Also please let us know what kind of Xbox controller - XB One, XB Series, XB 360?

What appears in the output of lsusb when you plug it in with a cable?


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