Help for oldies

Being an antediluvian type, I am not used to forums. I have managed basics, but a post by RUan (thanks Ruan! :pray:) told of three tildes to make easier reading.

I have searched everything I can think of on the forum itself, the Discourse webpages, even it's Gitlab, but no help/howto's.

Is there a source for this I am missing?

Please advise an oldie but goldie :blush:

Edit: Literally, just got this Discourse New User Guide - faq - Discourse Meta

If Mods want delete thread, go right ahead, but it may serve others? - up to you guys.


Also there are a bit of formatting tricks for discourse.

Two astericks (*) Makes text bolder
And hn tags works same as HTML

H1 Heading

And a lot of other tricks.


Your welcome also putting a backtick a the start and end of a sentence makes it look like this.


Thanks, guys - back to the books for me then. :blush:

Never did learn software/HTML etc, as I just installed and built hardware - my mistake! :crazy_face:

And please - keep em coming, if you have an odd moment, they are all going in my newly created self-help dbase (as recommended by The Garuda Team & members) :heart_eyes: