Hello Garuda Universe


My name is m3rl1n, I am a forever learner. I enjoy using Linux because every time I always learn something new.

I am able to assist with some of the Garuda infrastructure if required. I am still new so I am looking to get a feel of the environment.

I enjoy experiments and I intend to make contributions over time.

Some of things on the top of my mind is regarding the base OS:

  • Creating a Garuda Linux mirrors list which signed and maintained by the community. A specific set of packages that provide base functionality.
  • Changing the base OS in Garuda for one of the following:
    • Clear Linux
    • Void Linux, which is arch base but with an alternative package manager
  • General administration, support and bug resolution over time
  • Evangelizing the OS giving the correct understanding of its benefits

That is what my Garuda Journey looks like and what I intend to gain out of the process overall.


Welcome! Glad to see your enthusiasm!

Just a quick heads up that this:

would be really a lot of work.

Both clear and void are very different than Arch. Void is definitely not "arch with an alternative package manager"


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