Hello from a new linux user (croatia)

Im Enio, (this is my first distro). I wanted a distro that has a gui to ease myself into it, and that is regularly updated, as i have(and will have) relatively newer components and i like to game also, so i need stuff to work optimally.. My plan is to get to know linux and eventually completely migrate to it and ditch windows.. Linux is progressing nicely, and i definitely think it is the future.. And i like open source!




Welcome @enioentity !
Here are a few links to help you in your journey. :slight_smile:


Garuda is an Arch-based Linux distribution. That is a very, very broad statement. You have enough to absorb right now. But this forum, then the Garuda Wiki--they will inform you the most about Garuda. Good luck and have fun!


ya I still got Windows running in a VM with VirtManager+QEMU, even with GPU Passthrough. I'm surprised by how little I ever use it though!

Hardest part is learning new software to do the same tasks.

Good luck!

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Here's an incomplete list of Applications from the Arch Wiki. :slight_smile:



I use WPS Office and Vivaldi browser. Give those a try.

Also for increase performance, look at linux-xanmod kernel and ALHP repos for packages compiled in v3. Both of these can give nearly 30% performance boost.

Have fun!

I do not think this is good advice for someone new to Linux.

By the way, @Hanuman these configuration choices are likely related to the many issues you have open in the forum that are difficult to troubleshoot and–as you have stated yourself–no one else is affected by. At the very least you should mention how you have heavily modified your system when asking for support.


@enioentity welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:


If linux-xanmod kernel causes an issue, the first thing is to boot into linux-zen, so that's not really an issue.

There was one issue with ALHP recently with expired keys; but other than that, I have yet to see a problem that turned out to be caused by that.

I have seen the ALHP repos linked to issues here and in other forums as well.

Here is a recent example that came up in another forum. The thread sort of peters out without a solution--sounds like something broken in ALHP and it will be up to them to resolve the issue:

I think it is realistic to expect more package-related issues when using the ALHP repos than with a stock Arch install. You have replaced huge swaths of core libraries and packages from the Arch repos with basically a giant testing branch. It's unlikely you are even familiar with all the packages you have installed from this repo. Are you keeping up with the status page? ALHP Status

If you have switched from the Arch Linux repos to these ones and you have an issue with a package, you should raise with ALHP--not Garuda Linux.


That’s a pretty nice one from Croatia :smiley:
I wish you the best, I’ve changed my OS just over a year now - M$ Windows free household here :smiley:
Although I dealt with Linux since 2010, but I completely agree with you, Linux became awesome the past few years. Which is great, not only on the gaming perspective but also in general. The Kernel 6.X.X… made another big step forward, I love it.
Been on Ubuntu/Debian, Gentoo, RHEL and so on, I need to say this Distribution is completely underrated and awesome! It is an objectively good choice to take Garuda (which ever flavor you 've got from Garuda) for desktop/gaming/streaming/… except maybe running a server. I won’t run a server on any rolling release distro tbh. ^^.

It is the future imho and there are million of ppl thinking the same and the Linux community in general is growing bigtime. So, if there is a good time to change to Linux, then it is now.

I hope you’ll have fun, learn a ton and I hope you are able to ditch M$ Windows pretty soon, that’d be awesome.

Bruce :shark:


Windows is a sinking ship. It's never too late to jump off a sinking ship.


Good to know about ALHP issues. I uninstalled it to check if that's the case.

It fixed the Intel OpenCL problem; but the other problem with internal display recognition and its side effects remains.