Hello, does anyone know what this is for? I wait for an hour, the live version does not come?

a start job is running for automatic driver installation via mhwd(be patient!)

Use free driver than.


How.? I don't know. Can you guide me?

when live version boot up its option which driver u want use it.

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Use open-source drivers during installation. Not Nvidia.
But they say it doesn't matter because the right one is automatically taken.
But it could also be that your hardware does not meet the requirements, we can only guess.


When I update the graphic card, I encounter these errors when I turn it on
loading initial ramdisk
loading linux-zen

Please, post your garuda-inxi.


If you have an Intel Gen11 or Gen12 processor, use ibt=off kernel parameter.

You should boot in recovery mode so we can actually see the logs display on the screen. Otherwise it is literally guesswork. If you need your system to function, you can just boot a snapshot instead.

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