Hello back and kinda Sorry

Hello Back! o/

B/c of circumstances at my work I had to move to another location for a while. Which meant leaving back my Rig and Garuda. Thus I wasn’t very active on this forum as well.
I’m sorry for not telling anyone about my abstinence but it came rather quickly.

In the case someone even noted my abstinence:
For anyone who might think I ditched Garuda or something like that I can tell you:

NOOO!!! FOR SURE NOT!! :face_with_peeking_eye: :innocent: :heart_eyes:

But I had an Ultra Giga Mega update, not updating a rolling release Distro is kinda dumb but I couldn’t do anything against it. But it did very well, almost 1300 packages and 20GB of data could be managed to be up to date within 2 ‘garuda-update’ commands. Only issue was the Apper which got solved pretty fast by simply killing (pacman -Rdd ) the dependencies. :grin:
In a way this is also a positive feedback post for Garuda. Back in the past I had ultra headaches for just leaving a rolling release distro for a month. Now they were almost 5 and I had actually no issues. Great work from the devs I need to say that. :+1:t3:

My work is done, so I’m back and am happily rejoined with my Garuda Rig and I’ll appear more often in this community :slight_smile:

The best,
Bruce :shark:


You beat me LOL, IIRC my record was only 700 something packages at once.


You were gone? :wink:

They say forewarned is forearmed. We’re ready for ya!

Welcome back from your travels. :smiley:


In to the woods; I’ve done log driving and ppl call me insane b/c I literally drive cross country in the woods in the Alps with a 44 tonne truck combination in Austria.
It is a nice change to my engineering stuff :slight_smile:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yeah, but I was sweating brick stones until this ran through thoroughly. :hot_face:


Try me. 300 packages with gentoo


Wow, really? Isn’t Gentoo like mostly terminal-based?

How many days?

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Nope its just like any other base distribution like arch and debian, you can slap anything on top. I rocked XFCE4.

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3ish? i could hear my fans from the other room, not exagerrating. A lot of the time goes into compiling big packags like rust(easily more than 24hours on dated hardware) and browsers like firefox and chrome(10+ hours) you can save a lot of time using pre compilied packages for these packages.

Although i would say the gentoo community is very friendly and have provided me with a fully compiled system on their hardware expense when i was starting out.


I had about 800 with Gentoo, b/c I messed up big time and almost rebuild my OS without re-installing it. emerge @world was a big one then LOL

well on my rig compiling the webkit is about 10mins … :grin:

Do you work at NASA?

wHY even bother at that point.



Logging is also an Alaskan daily sport. A dangerous sport. :smiley:


That#s new to me, really?

Well, I know there are (even more insane!!!) those ice truckers … O_o

if you don’t have installed a window manager and a environment, your only option is CLI :slight_smile:

Yeah, we grow a lot of trees in Alaska. Whole forests, like the Tongass, which is a tremendously large area covering parts of Southeast Alaska and borders British Columbia. It is classified as a Temperate Rainforest. I lived in Juneau but worked in the Tongass for several years, mostly on Prince of Wales Island, which is pretty much at the Tongass’ epicenter. I’ve had more socks rot from mold & mildew than wear out, it’s that wet. :wink:

And I loved every minute. I got to spend weeks at a time there, half living out of my backpack. (Note: Meindal make the best backpacking boots. Their heels compress to make up for heavy backpack loads.)

It’s the largest forest in the U.S. Trust me, igloos & polar bears don’t cover much of the State of Alaska. :smiley:

EDIT: Perspective matters! :slight_smile:

Size of Austria - 32,383 mi²
Size of Tongass Forest - 26,100 mi²
Size of Prince of Wales Is. - 2,577 mi²
Size of Alaska - 665,400 mi²


I truly thought the biggest forests of the US are in the states in the middle… or around the Appalachian trail.

I never thought about that in Alaska, thank you for that information *phew.
The east side of Alaska is full of mountains too, isn’t it?


Bruce :shark:

The far east/central–around Chicken–flat as a pancake. Still forested. SE Alaska–the Panhandle–abuts glacial fields. North-central around the Arctic Circle–is bordered by the Brooks Range. Generally, if it isn’t along the coastline or in South East, it’s cold as hell. Extreme mountain ranges–think Denali–in the center and South Central.

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