HDD periodical activity

Hello Garuda users.

Just a question.
after installation, there is some periodical activity that annoys a lot.
something is making small periodical writes on HDD. How we can detect what is it and disable it.

Disk activity can be monitored using iotop. I'd suggest running it for a while to see which application causes the activity.



seems, that is btrfs-transacti
iotop shows only that part of the name of that program.
What for is that service we need for btrfs, and how to manage it?

Hi and welcome.

I see that a search for btrfs-transacti yields pertinent results, also here in this forum.
Most are a bit old, but perhaps there's some useful hint in there.

I had some excessive HD activity in the past too, in my case periodically (mainly after a large update or installation) removing old snapshots and doing a btrfs balance and rebooting solved the problem.
It can be done either with the Garuda tool btrfs-assistant or the command line btrfs balance start command, which allows requesting a much faster partial balance (it runs in the background anyways).

If I recall correctly, there was also a discussion in the past about using the btrfs noautodefrag mount option (in /etc/fstab), I think it's there by default nowadays but don't take my word for it.

Others apparently had success disabling btrfs quotas, again I think they are not enabled by default though.

In other cases it appears to be an interaction with some other disk intensive process, the file indexer baloo often came up in those threads.

Just my two cents, your case may be different.


I haven't found precise documentation at a quick search.
Mostly seems to go for a defrag related process / issue.
One thread in the forum solved disabling btrfs quotas (from btrfs assistant) but it could be a coincidence.
If the issue is not temporary (I would wait, just in case) you could try It.
After that you could try from a live USB a sudo btrfs check <your partition> and in case of errors sudo btrfs check --repair <your partition>.


None of that solutions gave result.
Still feeling highly uncomfortable with that annoying activity.
Autodefrag - had been always in my config of btrfs, used with other distributions. Never had any single issue with that nor this HDD activity we have now.

Please post the output of garuda-inxi, and also describe your disk setup including where the HDD with the bothersome activity is mounted and what it is used for.


it is used as a desktop.
Same config of FSTAB was with many Linux distros: Gentoo, MX, Manjaro, Debian.
Never had this issue. With Garuda, after Balancing passed ovell all HDDs - that process had intensified.
Looking to switch back to Manjaro.

The inxi output will give nothing for this task.

No hard feelings @uube01, here is the link you are looking for: Manjaro Downloads

I wish you well on your journey.