Have any of your tried to run Alexa on Garuda (Arch)?


So, do any of you guys use this AUR package? - AVS-Alexa-Sampleapp


From what I understand from reading this article by the author of the package is that it's an Arch version of Alexa that works on Rasberry Pi and Debian based distros.

However, the AUR package has zero comments and zero votes, so I'm kinda scared of trying it... Which is why i thought i would ask you guys if you have used it or not.

Also - since Alexa is proprietary - i figure most of you might not use it or be against the idea of using it. In that case, what's a good open-source alternative? Is it worth the time to try and install Mycroft? Does it work well with voice commands (mainly wondering about voice recognition)... If you guys have any experience with this, do let me know!

And thanks for you time..

You can check it out yourself it’s in the chaotic-aur,
I too will check it.


I installed mycroft from chaotic-aur though, but it is quite confusing to set up.
Not able to figure it out yet.
Maybe someone who has installed mycroft and is able to use it without any issues can help us out?

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Voice assistants are basically just a waste of storage and time unless you have a really good mic(On computers)

I try my self made assistants :wink:

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I think it is hard to argue that voice assistants are a waste unless you have a mic....


There is a LOT of Mycroft information out there - although usually attached to Raspberry Pi (and OSs matched to it). I hoped to point you at a good article from Linux Format on the subject, but it appears not to be accessible without some work.

Good luck!


dude.. who would think of installing a voice assistant without a mic??? lolz

Yeah i know,,

I was wondering if its a good idea to install Mycroft on my working system or not..

I keep my system running 24*7.. so why not put it to use!

Well Mycroft kinda of works but not works software.

Anyway I'm putting 8t in gaming edition

Reason - why not anyway gaming edition has lot of things in it.


Maybe, if you have some time, you can tell us how to make it work?

I said a good mic.

Really good

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