Has anyone tried to install Deepin DE with garuda before?

I have been using garuda for a while now and liked the sweet-kde theme. But i had to remove the installation due to some issue and am looking to get back in the game. I saw my friend using DeepinOs on his laptop and found it cool and was wondering if there was any similar os for Arch based distros because (i use arch btw). I found out that manjaro had a deepin distro once but they had to discontinue it because of some system breaking bugs. So i was wondering if someone here has tried deepin DE and knows how to fix it or maybe it doesn't work only with manjaro as they use their own mirrors and maybe some components were outdated on their server.

Any help is appreciated. I'll try to do it myself and post an update when i do about its usability..

Grauda has not supported Deepin for a long time, and will not do so in the future.

You could try the forum search, as the template suggests, before posting anything.


Yeah, same with Garuda.

I tested Deepin at one point; in my opinion it is basically a very broken version of Cinnamon. If you are interested in that kind of aesthetic, I think Cinnamon is a highly underrated desktop environment. It’s fast, stable, plenty featureful and easy to use.


I looked into this recently, like their OS, so thought I leave this post. The new Deepin DE 23 is in beta and lots of improvements. You can install it on Arch, easy to do, however, I would not recommend it. There is a thread on Manjaro's forum that best describes the issue, but the gist is that you either have to use the Deepin distro (which there has been controversy over spyware in the past, that is for you to decide) or a distro like ExTiX Linux that is based off of Debian. The Debian team makes sure Deepin OS works with their environment as well.

The issue with Arch and Deepin OS is that Arch updates a lot of their dependencies past the point of Deepin OS's Debian repos versions. And since the version in Arch's repos is basically from Debian's work/maintenance, that causes the issues and breakage. Manjaro discovered this, and I think Garuda had a Deepin OS version also struggled with this issues.


I tried Deepin under Arcolinux and it works fine. But in the end I didn't like it at all.

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