Has anyone gotten CP210x to build

HI there,
I have been trying to get some drivers for cp2102 to work but no luck. I would post my Bash screen but I have only used the software package manager to retrieve and build. I have found it in chaotic-aur as well as aur and both will not compile. Has anyone had this issue found a solution? I have some IOT projects that need the usb com so im stuck in the water until i 1) can compile the driver or 2) find some kind of work around. any help may save me some time and Ill add anything i figure out to this thread. Hope this is an OK post I read guidelines years ago and could not find anything referring to cp210x in the wiki.

Thank you

Report everything you have already attempted to solve your problem.

Post your terminal compile in- and output as text!

No, no info inside :slight_smile:

There are no psychics, they are all scammers and there are no scammers here in the forum.


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