Hardware compatibility, which hardware is suitable for linux

Hi, all I want to know the best hardware that suits linux. Try to mention some modern hardware that's available globally, or any one can tell me with which hardware they have great experience with linux.

Just because, I'm about to buy a new hardware and don't want to face problems and regret later. I'm really confused the nvidia and amd cards, do nvme storages work properly in linux. proprietary hardware from samsung and Google support linux i.e chromebooks or samsung laptops for minimal distroes like Gentoo, arch etc

Does coreboot or libreboot are secure and works out of the box ??
Should I use them as a end user ?

Also please suggest any hardware that support coreboot or libreboot.

Editz : Ok, no problem I do my own research, I just buy a rassberry pi 4 8 gb model and that's enough for now. I edit this post after having the hardware and info more thing, note that I'm not suggesting any commercial just I will mention hardware type and it's compatibility with linux

Are you looking at Desktop HW or Laptop HW?

I want information about both of them

An endless story that we in the forum do not like.
Apart from that, who is going to do the searching for you, what is available worldwide.

There is probably a website that lists the compatibility of hardware with Linux.
Just whoogle it.


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