Happy with KDE but want to try Hyprland, easy switch?

Not looking for too much indepth help, but some steering here would be nice. I hace invested a few hours customizing my Garuda KDE and it is is working well for me. That being said, I would love to boot into Hyprland to see how I like it.

Is it as easy as adding Hyprland using the package manager to get the main build, and then adding the needed config files, before finally having a way of switching?

I am not really to keen on going the whole ISO route dedicated to Hyprland and then re-configuring all the small things I already did unless that is the best route? Can a single Arch install have both KDE and Hyprland in a selection from the boot screen like switchers offer Wayland and X11 choices?

Thanks for any tips on this before I go too far with the Hyprland experiment.

There’s no really “easy” way usually. Hyprland will have lots of configured dotfiles and what not. There’s always a chance of things getting tangled so to speak.

You can absolutely do both, generally the best way to keep these files/things separate, I would recommend setting up a separate new user so that user configs don’t intertwine


First of all, I would like to confirm that, in my opinion, there is really not much of your KDE configurations that you will be able to reuse in Hyprland.
In general, in these cases my advice, to see if you like it and if it fits your needs, is to try a live ISO. Mixing DE/WM is always a risk, especially if you just want to give it a try.
In my opinion you should dedicate a partition, disk or spare machine to it, to try hyprland in all its potentialities and especially to train yourself with the installation and initial adjustments (it is still a young edition and requires some patience). I did it recently and it is a lot of fun, but definitely not trivial, especially if you really want to understand how it works and take advantage of the customization potential.


I am comfortable with fiddling as I was fiddling with Linux in 1994 without too much trouble. If I read this right, I could theoretically create a user account that logs in as Hyprland where all the troubles I may have would be limited to that user account. That seems like a fine choice.

I was more concerned that my custom systemd work would be lost if I re-installed from scratch, but a WM in my mind should not really affect that. So I am looking for the route whereby I can choose Hyprland at the login screen, and if that means choosing an alternate user account, that is fine. Great! I don’t care.

If all the concerns are over fiddling with configs, I am more looking for confirmation that setting it up period is “seemless” in the sense that the underlying O/S itself is left alone. If logging in presents a problem, whereby a config is “wrong”, I am totally fine pushing on through that learning curve!

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As far as I’ve seen when you install it over kde in the way your talking it will reset some of your kde configs an it will also reset your snap shots so know unless you backup/clone ahead of time theirs no going back in a easy way.

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You read that one post correctly, but as stated by others do another install of Garuda just for Hyperland. Even though Hyperland and Plasma are different deasktops and you would be running them under different users there are still going to be files that are shared between users no matter what you do, and still have the potential to interfere with the other user and their desktop.

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