Hannah Montana Arch(btw) GNU/Linux Edition (Meme Project)

I figured I'd show off something I've been working on and off for the past year

I finally have completed Hannah Montana Arch(btw) GNU/Linux Edition

It runs KDE 4.2.2 from 2009 and has all the beautiful theming from the original! The world's best distro is finally immortalized with a rolling release model!

GitHub project with iso download:


Now that's something different! :exploding_head::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


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Using advanced modern technology (making PKGBUILDS from .deb packages), the beauty of KDE 4.2.2 can grace modern day Arch Linux!

How did that work out​:rofl: Did you just download .deb packages and wrapped PKGBUILDs for them?


This is what I see for the PKGBUILDs I looked at: Extract .deb and call it a day


	# Extract package data
	tar xzf data.tar.gz -C "${pkgdir}"

	install -D -m644 "${pkgdir}/usr/share/doc/ark/copyright" "${pkgdir}/usr/share/licenses/${_pkgname}/LICENSE"


Thank you for the amazing work, now I see the true light. Soon, I will be able to say "I use Hannah Montana Arch(btw) GNU/Linux btw", and help other Linux veterans and noobs alike to discover their true calling in this wonderfully made version of Linux.

Btw, the Github page is absolutely beautiful :joy:


Because only 1 btw is not enough.


I think you meant “I hurled on Hannah Montana Arch(btw) GNU/Linux btw” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


You must live an awfully boring life. Either that, or you have an unhealthy obsession.


Installing now

thank you :+1:

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So I have to ask when are we getting the Rick Roll version? :man_facepalming:


I went afk for a week after posting this lol.

Spot on, i used debtap to convert all the deb packages to PKGBUILDs.

Compiling from source seemed pretty difficult to do, kde4 was a mess and old documentation was often half-baked or completely broken

I downloaded a regular gnome ubuntu iso and captured the apt package cache/details. I then copied that to a different instance of apt, pointed it to ubuntu's archive and asked it to install kubuntu-desktop using the --download-only flag. Voila, I had every .deb file I needed!

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Honestly, it was legit like 100 hours of work. Part of the reason it took me a year is because my therapist told me I had to stop since I couldn't do it in moderation.

It's been something like 90% done for about 7 months, and I just finished polishing it off when I was busy not paying attention to college lectures :joy:


Baguette to all, frogs to the highest bidder, I’d like to install this version of arc which seems to me to be the culmination of (“BTW”) but I don’t know how to do it, in fact I don’t understand how the isobuild is screwed up.

It’s old, at least 10 months. That’s like 87 in Dog Years.


sigh Right hand side of the GitHub page, click on the “Release” link which takes you to the ISO.

BTW, you…

EDIT: Wait 'til you see Barbie & Ken Linux!


Merci, i will put croissants on your eyes

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