Gzdoom setup question

i setup up gzdoom but when i go to execute it it gives me this message: Cannot find a game IWAD (doom.wad, doom2.wad, heretic.wad, etc.).

Did you install GZDoom properly? You can do either of the following:

  1. Place one or more of these wads in ~/.config/gzdoom/.

  2. Edit your ~/.config/gzdoom/gzdoom.ini and add the directories of your

iwads to the list beneath [IWADSearch.Directories]

i know where my wad files are but im not sure how you do this

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im reading over it my comprehension of it isnt so great. i apologize

after reading a few things i got it figured out thanks for any advice. this forum has been extremely helpful

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I just put my files in /usr/share/games/doom/

You have to create new folders in Thunar with root permissions and copy your WADs into there.

All you need to do is drag and drop your WAD files in the folder /home/$USER/.config/gzdoom/ where $USER is the name of your current user.

The ’ . ’ in .config/ just means that .config folder is hidden by default. You don’t want have to sift through a bunch of configuration related folders and files when using your computer normally.

thank you i got it now.

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