Guide: How to run Slack in Garuda Linux

I'm using Garuda Linux for a while now and recently I was in need of using slack for professional usage I immediately found that it was not working as expected because, in the dragonized edition, Slack fails to sign in!

Some users also faced the same and decided to blame Garuda for it, And they decided to switch to another OS because slack wasn't working for them, Their loss :smiley:!

Here's how I managed to make slack work in just 5 minutes of troubleshooting!

  1. Uninstall slack-desktop package and then install slack-electron client from octopi.

  2. Open the slack client and click on login. Now the redirect will fail and you won't be logged in but in Browser, you'll see that slack gives you one magic link. Simply click on that button to copy the magic link and click on the slack app.

  3. You may see that one more slack client has been opened, You can simply close it and as soon as you'll go to the old slack app, You'll be logged in without much hassle!


To the admins: I wasn't sure if this topic should go to Issues & Assistance or Feedback. Forgive me if I'm in the wrong category! Hail :garuda: !


I moved it to "FAQ and Tutorials". :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for sharing @MrOnline, I'm glad you stuck with it and found a solution. :+1:


Thanks for moving it to the proper channel! Hopefully it helps :+1: . Will keep sharing things like this if I find any! :garuda:

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You could have used flatpak version of slack instead also


Yes, but for that, I'll need to install flatpak right? Whereas OctoPi comes inbuilt in dr460nized edition! :slight_smile:

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