GUI option to switch to ConnMan

Considering there are regular issues with NetworkManager for a lot of community members - and not only in Garuda - I ask myself if switching to an alternative would be a nice way to test, and avoid these issues. I am sure, it is a welcome addition to the Garuda Network Assistant, as an example.

                     In my opinion 

Quoted under the table “No longer maintained as of early 2022. ISC advises no longer using it in production.”
And Garuda Network assistant is just the GUI way , it just works in most common issues , but limited to known problems , terminal is more powerful/easier to understand any issue and solve it .

Thanks for sharing

Actually, we already have such an option:

In Garuda Assistance.

You jump to early conclusions.

First, the quote is associated with a different network manager, namely dhclient, and ConnMan is maintained by the kernel team.

Second, I advise you, to stop telling people how they should use their computer. :wink:
Particularly, when reading a Wiki page already confuses you, could it be sensible, to avoid saying things like “The Terminal is the best way.”

Already mention its an opinion ,other than that , I actually Agree , my bad didn’t fully read it

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