GUI not loading preperly after dual booting

Two days ago, I installed garuda linux alongside windows 10 in dual boot mode. But, due to some reasons I deleted the partition containing the windows OS and installed garuda OS in the main partition. Till sometime the os worked fine and everything was OK. but the next time I shut down my pc and started it again then there was no option for garuda in the grub bootloader. There were only two options, Garuda Linux Snapshots and Windows boot manager, and some other too including firmware setup and all, but no option for garuda. Then when I am trying to start the OS using the snapshots, it's getting opened, but the problem is the GUI is not working properly. As soon as it start up there is a blank screen and then the conky appears with black background and all the animation effects are gone and its just not looking nice. What could be the reason behind that and what can be it's solution.

Here are some of what its looking like.

Install again, the easiest way.



You compositor is turned off, that is why your visual effects are not working. Search "turn compositor on KDE" for the method to restore animations, transparency, etc.

Generally, unless you know what your doing you should avoid dual/multi booting. The inexperienced are almost always going to experience issues at some point. Unfortunately, Garuda can't officially support multi-boot complications. If you choose to install in that manner it's your responsibility to learn how to fix your own system.

If some kind member chooses to assist you that's great. However, don't count on getting assistance if you go down this road.

Welcome to Garuda, and I hope you get your issue resolved.