Gtkhash and gtkhash-nautilus are in conflict

Found This difficulty when I went to update my system.

Terminal Pictures here...

Hi, remove gtkhash.

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And please:

Could and should have been Terminal Text, formatted with
before and after the text block.

And, welcome back!

update remote 2021-10-audio

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Hi Naman

I have the same problem with gtkhash. However removing doesn't work as it complains about

removing gtkhash breaks dependency...

How can I get round this problem please?

Cheers, Stephane

Hi @Stephane,

Try using

sudo pacman -Rsc gtkhash

If you want to use gtkhash, you can simply install it again using

sudo pacman -Syu gtkhash

I hope this solves the conflict.


Hi @Naman

Thanks so much for responding and giving me the correct command. I have use the wrong flags for -R. All working fine now.


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