Grub os prober off now by default

Since this is to combat issues with UEFI Secure boot and stuff.
Could we enable it then shut it down just to get the Win partition back after an update?
What other way could we work around this?

I mean the f12 to boot the other drive works i'm not in win much.

Well, the obvious thing is to switch to UEFI booting, it's less tricky in many ways than os-prober and faster (because everything is explicit and doesn't rely on constant slow probing). For many distros, it's superior anyway (imo).

I think you have not searched the forum about this, so you did not get the new info.
Garuda provides a pacman hook, to keep os-prober enabled by default, if it is not manually changed by the user.
Normally, you should not need to change anything and os-prober will run each time grub is auto-generated.
If you want to change this behavior, edit /etc/default/grub and change the relevant grub parameter to suite your preference.

Search the forum for the latest changes.


Arch choose to turn it off due to the exploits and execution of bad code.
this was done of late as far as i see.

uefi booting is exploted as well which is why os-probe is now turned off by default in Arch.

this affects all distros and this is the choice arch has made.

figures i can't find it now but i did find it i can just hit f12 and boot other drive when needed .

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Were the exploits only in grub? (because UEFI doesn't have to depend on grub at all). I haven't found/read this article...searching now.