Grub-Install Error

Hi everyone. I'm here again. I have an issue about the grub installer while installing with calamares. I tried to make partitions manually with gparted setting the efi partition to 512 fat32 with esp flags and i tried too to do it with calamares partitioning and i have the same error. I tried a lot of things to fix it, but i don't know what more to do.


Always make sure to

  1. Disable secure boot
  2. Disable fast boot
  3. Set your sata driver to ahci

Also its always best to delete all partitions via gparted before starting calamares

And use erase entire disk.

If for some reason uefi doesnt work

Boot the live iso in legacy mode then choose erase entire disk.


You can try:

sudo rm /sys/firmware/efi/efivarfs/dump-*

and then try installing again.