Grub failure, a question of understanding

on the grub bug thing I don't understand one thing, why don't the grub developers do a rollback to a working version?

Is that too complicated or does that cause other problems?

Best thing is, you ask the grub developers.


I would but I haven't found a forum where the grub people hang out yet :grin:

I also assume that there are experienced people here who can easily answer this question.


GRUB 2 is under very active development. Those interested in its development should subscribe to the developers' mailing list. As this list is a members-only list, please subscribe to it then send e-mail to this list.

They are all busy with the grub problem. :slight_smile:


Because shit happens. A brand new package(s) will be coming downstream to us when ready.

Be glad this is Open Source. There are "many eyes" on the problem. If this was Microsoft instead of Linux you'd have to wait until some future "Patch Tuesday" instead. Maybe that would fix it. Or create other, undiagnosed, problems.


I saw a new Grub version in Arch Testing, crossing fingers :wink:

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The grub developers never released those changes in the first place. It wouldn't be up to them to them back.

The version in testing just adds a message. It doesn't make any other functional change.


why are they not bothering to fix such a major issue? Is this somewhat garuda-specific? I don't get it. Why release broken software in the first place, I thought it went through arch testing?

Because, as they explained, there weren't enough--or any--of the Testers using GRUB. Not everyone does.

What, did I just hear you volunteer to run Arch Testing? You can be a whiny piece of the problem, or you can be a part of the solution.


We, the Garuda devs, did. We rolled it back, wrote some code to auto install the newest grub version (which fixes the issue), which inevitably ended up causing more issues. We rolled the changes back again once more just now to a known good version.


I used to be into testing but now I feel too old for that and my focus is more on just using the PC. But you are right, the more testers the better

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Thanks for your elaboration and exactly what you wrote is what I would have liked to see as official information from Garuda. Also, it would have made clear to the users how hard you are on the matter.
But better late than never ...

Many thanks for your efforts!

Well the idea was that this issue would've been contained by the automatic grub update we did, so we didn't think communicating this through more than the relevant forum post was necessary honestly. For most users this issue was contained through our efforts though. I'm still debating on whether or not we should make a post on it now though.

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There is a pretty god write-up about it on the EndeavourOS NEWS forum, here is the link:

So, I can do an update without fearing to mess up my computer b/c of the GRUB issue? :star_struck:

I just did a re-install and after the reboot did a garuda-update.

I now get the message "out of Memory ....blalala" and Grub starts with an ugly black and white screen but it boots and works.

Me too, but I know a forum buddy that is around 80 now (he calls me a young pup, and I'm 70), who runs Testing without fear. I think he's crazy anyway, so it all fits. :wink:


I've seen a couple folks with that still - we removed the grub background/theme and that was enough. Not overly sure why, but for whatever reason, that did the trick (for now)

You are a young PUP :dog2: