Greetings from the Netherlands!

Hello everybody ... I'm not a man of many words so i will keep it as short as possible ... :wink:

My name is tinuz and am from the Netherlands. I've been using Linux for about 20 years. I started my linux addiction with a little help of Ubuntu. I used to post stuff about Ubuntu on my good ol' blog n00bs on Ubuntu. But for some reasons Ubuntu is anything but a stable os and i always ended up working on a different linux version than i started with :wink:

I'm currently using the KDE Dragonized Gaming Edition on my pc and on my very old laptop i use the Garuda Xfce editon and they just love it (and so do i). I've worked on arch based distros before (archbang and manjaro) but it didn't work, look and feel as good as Garuda!!

Thanks for making all of this possible and keep up the good work!



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