Greetings from Scotland and other places

Hi folks.
I am in my 50s and have hidden disabilities (A.S.D).
I ran across Garuda, when I was looking for something other than the same old distros.

So far, I am impressed. I had to tweak the colours a bit, due to the dyslexia, but that was easy enough. I think the only problem I ran into and have not looked into why it does this was when you go thought the post welcome and go to add in all the other programs you want, it gets to the last screen and then just goes back to the welcome screen and does not go to install in terminal, like I noticed with the Gnome version.
That was on the main Dragonized version
But that is a minor thing. Really glad to be trying something new, well to me it is.



welcome nice to see another with dyslexia, hope you enjoy your stay this is the only KDE distro i can stand what these guys have done to transform KDE is stunning, and the only Arch based distro to actually do more than add wallpaper and a couple of apps you could do yourself in Arch,
Garuda to me is its own based on Arch Linux


Thanks for the welcome fellow ASD…..:pray::wink:

Because of what I have I get very picky at times. I, have used many a distro over time.
But, I must agree there is something quite interesting about Garuda.

First thing, it worked right off with my Nvidia card, can’t afford a Amd at the moment with crazy prices. And it worked with the triple monitors.

I did have to mess like I said with a few design changes etc but that is the fun of it, imho.


I have not experienced that issue with the additional software installer. IIRC the issues I've had have always been some package conflict because it doesn't update before allowing the selection of additional packages and there's been conflicts that needed resolving first, causing me to have to go through and select them all again.

P.S If you guy leave the U,K, can I move up there please, would be great to get away from the F'n Tories!


I don’t blame you, if I had the room I would say sure :wink:

I,m going to try a test with it again and see.


I didn't mean "in with you", just .. generally, so I can say at the border "TheDarrenS said I could", as I imagine there'd be a mass migration, so immigration limits would be a hurdle.

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Oh, lol. Well, when you hear we are leaving there are lots of smaller roads up here…:wink:

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Just a Tip:

Make sure you've got the best mirrors selected first, please, then refresh and update your system before going through the post-install selections. You can then skip the update portion of the script and move on to the rest.


P.S. Welcome to Garuda Linux. And don't believe a word @mandog says. He's a known prevaricator. :wink:


But, someone that is new or relatively new won't know this. Maybe a suggestion of an Update all mirrors button would be of benefit.


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Well, there is always trial 'n' error 'n' discovery, which is the direction I like to go. It was just a tip/hint that I follow.


Oh, for sure. I was just thinking maybe something might want to be added to make it more "Beginner" friendly is all/.


WTF? There's NST in the Arch world (at least). Learn it or don't. There's no 'emotion' involved in any Linux distribution. Forums might be different.

If a user doesn't learn to...

  • Fix breakage, and
  • Not create it to begin with

All the handy scripts in the world won't save them. Garuda may be hip, slick 'n' cool, but underneath it is still Arch. Further--Garuda is the finely tuned sportscar of such distributions. Needs a good driver to keep her on the road.

Are you up to the challenge?


:slight_smile: Chill. I usually think of all areas and different learning levels tis all.


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That's OK. I do not think of Garuda as a beginner friendly distribution. I would never recommend its use to beginners, ever. Unless they're a 10 year old genius (we have those, too). That is all.

You also seem like a person whose tail is fun to twist. Har!
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Yes their is such a tool but the user has to learn where it is its in their head called a brain and eyes to research. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Then why does the setup assistant leap on the screen upon first boot, asking about updating et al? That leads the user to believe it's gonna help with completing setup so the user doesn't have to do all of those bits.
The way you're talking, you'd invite someone round for dinner, serve blowish, but not remove the poison sack, then as they're dying saying "well, if you're going to eat blowfish, you should know you have to remove the sack, serves you right". You make it seem like you're being helpful, when in fact, you're setting them up for failure.

The assistance in Garuda's great, but there's (always) room for improvement. A little help can often be less helpful than no help.


Yes i believe he would so would i, only the ignorant don't do their research before attempting anything new lol :yawning_face:


Research in today's world is reduced to a five minute YouTube video with a bunch of glitzy screenshots and an "awesome" recommendation from some pimply faced teenager.


It's just a hint/tip that I found to be an effective first measure after I install Garuda, but prior to letting the post-installation scripts take over. Take it or leave it, I do not care, but I'll not proffer any gift horses again.

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