Greetings for me

Greetings to the community!
Casual Linux user the last 4 years, I had some distro hopping too from time to time, tasting various distributions (Mint,Manjaro,Puppy,Kubuntu,Zorin OS, Sparky, Mx -linux, etc ) and from after all these testings finally learn about Garuda Linux.
Wish had better luck of course with Linux, was my main reason to escape Windows platform .But I was unfortunate, because my Ryzen 1800X had the microcode issue many had from first releases of this generation . So because of random CPU crashes, was unable to use any linux distro at all. Some of course was crashing daring installation too , like Mint and Kubuntu, and that was very uncomfortable for me.
Of course after a lot search in AMD forums, on some Linux pages too, finally i learn a solution: Responsible is the C6 state the Ryzen CPUs has.
Tried to fix this, but so far no luck. Tho I had use a script who kept CPU from 'halt' but wasn't for long because it turn CPU always to full speed .
So sfter a BIOS update, things fixed somehow by changing the C6 state from 'Auto' to 'typical ' so I believe I will give a try. I needed a distro who can be more optimized for gaming (since I focus mostly on that) .
But I am waiting my new CPU (Ryzen 3900X) so after install this one, will proceed on use Garuda as my main OS (no more dual boots with windows)
So I wanted to say for first time a 'hello' to garuda community, and hopefully more and more people will learn about this amazing distribution . Garuda deserve more attention to gamers , the Windows is an OS who become more 'spymaster of a company with dark past' than a OS to enjoy. Microsoft isn't the only way ...
Regards from Greece


welcome to garuda

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Welcome to the Garuda community. :wave:

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