Greetings - Another New to Garuda

After a couple of years of not having a non-work PC, I finally decided to grab a new one and figured I would give Garuda a spin.

I've been a Linux user off and on since SuSE 6.0. I'm definitely not a power user by any means, but also not adverse to getting hands dirty in documentation. This is my first rolling release distribution (my last personal laptop I booted Ubuntu)

I had a few hiccups during install, but nothing insurmountable. I am one of the crazy guys that is running an nvidia card (and actually directly purchased a laptop knowing the issue/nvidia proprietary drivers).

So far I've enjoyed the look and feel and am starting to get a hang of moving around. I've managed to get Remmina setup and am able to RDP into my work desktop, and thankfully don't have any issues running the only game I care about (Europa Universalis IV)

Next up: Setting up my Python development environment/workflow and getting nVidia CUDA toolkit working.


BTW, wich desktop envirement?



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@SGS -
I went with KDE Dr460nized.
It's too dead sexy to not give it a go.


Same here and my GPU is absolutely frying flying too! Except Nvidia STILL not patching this despite a known working solution. Optimus manager preinstalled is a big bonus really.
Enjoy your stay on Garuda.

@mrvictory - Always fun to see another one that knowing went with nVidia and knew the issues.
Any particular reasoning behind your choice? (Like I really wanted the CUDA toolkit because of my work)

For my particular laptop Price/Performance was so good.

@mrvictory - That was shocking for me. Managed to go grab one that was on sale and then open box. Managed to get it about half off for what I was looking for. Rendered me ecstatic.