Greetings all. New user from the US

Heya heya folks. New to the forum and new to Garuda. Pretty new to linux in general to be honest. I've been dabbling with it a bit over the last couple years and have taken a couple classes while working towards my networking degree. Stumbled on Garuda after hearing Schykle (pretty sure it was Schyckle at least) mention it in one of the podcasts I listen to. Just got it set up on my main desktop today and figured I would say hello here.


Welcome here :slight_smile: hope you have a great day



and have fun :slight_smile:


welcome to the community Sleepydragon. I hope your experience with Garuda Linux be so smooth that you never have to face any "breaking" changes, unless we're talking about breaking the ice with your new friends here. We hope you'll stick with Garuda long enough that it becomes your ultimate sanctuary, a place where dragons soar and Linux rules!