Greetd/Wayfire question

I am barely familiar with greetd so I could be making a non-valid assumption here.
Anyway, some reading on greetd leads me to believe (also startup time lends credibility to this) that the login sequence is start wayfire as whatever user greetd is configured to, allow login, exit wayfire, start wayfire as your userid.
Ok, so since someone put the ISO together someone should be far more experienced than I there any way (realizing I may be voiding my Garuda license) to use greetd without the additional overhead of 2 wayfire launches? Startup time is kinda long and I would get more use out of my Wayfire setup if it launched faster. Or might the recommendation be to just login to tty and then manually launch wayfire? Seeking opinions :0 Thank you.
Oh, also, I just wanted to mention that wayfire .7 release has just one outstanding issue about tagging, so I think the next release might be coming really soon.

You can speed up login by not using any display manager

You can execute wayfire on login by tty

In ~/.profile


And you can login via tty
By typing your username and password.


Yes, and if that's the only way to make it faster, I shall at least try it. I dare say Wayfire is the slowest bootup on any DE I have.

That did approximately 1/2 my wait time.