Graphical timer application

Is there a graphical minute timer for Xfce? With sound?

There is, actually. Right-click on the panel -> Panel -> Add new items and type "timer" into the search bar.

It's very thin; I didn't even notice it at first after I added it.


When the timer is running the bar is colored in, and the color depletes as the timer runs out. If you hover over it, the tooltip will show the name of the timer and how much time is remaining.


It pops a little notification on the screen when it's done.


I guess when you say "graphical", this one technically qualifies but it's obviously very simple.

You can configure a custom command to run when the timer is up, including playing a sound (or music, or whatever).

It's not fancy, but seems like it will get the job done if you just need something simple. They have a wiki page for it with more information: panel-plugins:xfce4-timer-plugin:start [Xfce Docs]


Thank you, I'll try it out.