Graphical features are off

I was working in Ardour, but noticed that windows stop being floating. I use alt + tab and saw that animation of switching windows changed. All the cool GUI features have become boring. What do I need to do to get things back to normal?

Perhaps you have disabled your compositor. You never told us your desktop, so you will need to search online for how to enable the compositor with whichever desktop you are using.

Welcome to the forum.

I'm a newbie in linux operating systems and I don't know English well. Can you help me? I use garuda linux dr460nized non-gaming. Give me a sign if this information is not enough. Maybe you need my kernel, I don't now: 5.10.7-xanmod1-1

Sorry, I'm not on my computer currently. I'm only on my cell, so I can't check where the setting is located in the KDE System Settings utility. Have a poke around there. There is a search box in the top right hand side in the System Settings, enter "compositor" there and it should narrow down where it's located.

You may need to loggoff/logon to see the differences when changed.

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Big thanks! It's working. And thank you for meeting me :grinning:

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No problem at all, always nice to meet a new user as polite as yourself.

Hope you enjoy many excellent years with Garuda.

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Don't know If I am late or not.
But finally found these configurable settings in window management > task switcher > 2nd Dropdown of Visualization

You can change this animation here.