Google Security Notif. says I'm using Windows but I'm using Garuda Linux. Why?

Hi everyone. Thanks for dropping to read this topic.

I recently logged in to my Gmail account using my Garuda Linux OS laptop. My Google security notification (because it's my first time to login to Gmail since I installed Garuda Linux), shows I am using Windows 10.

I tried searching already, but there are no search results in particular to my question. These are the search strings I used, and reviewed up to the 3rd page of the search results:

  • Google identifying Linux laptop as Windows (no quotation marks)
  • Why is google telling me I have WIndows on security notification, when I have Linux (no quotation marks)
  • Google saying I have Windows but I have Linux (no quotation marks)

This may seem like a very minor issue, but I am curious to understand if there are any past incidents like this from any member?
The laptop was reformatted/wiped by the Garuda Linux install process (I chose to erase), so why would Google even identify my laptop as being Windows?

I'm using Garuda Linux Dragonized, and FireDragon browser. All packages updated. I'm not using dual boot, Garuda OS is the only OS I have. The laptop is HP Elitebook 1030 G4. I'm a beginner on Linux, but have been consistent in reading to learn Linux, and I consider myself good at searching, but this quandary makes me doubt my search skills now.

Any help on where to start checking, is much appreciated. Just concerned that there are still "traces (?)" of Windows, or if Google is truly telling me someone else logged on to my Gmail that's not me (however the IP addresses are the same as when I use another laptop - a Windows 10 one, so I know it's me).

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Could be for the same reason as here:



Thanks a lot! Makes total sense, and also cool that it cannot be searched on Google/Whoogle as well (unless they have a Garuda Forum account).


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