Google Engine not found

I wanna use google as my default search engine, but I can't find it as an option in the search engine section

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

Welcome :slight_smile:

Which operating system and which browser you use?
Best is, you post also the


We're all pretty good here, but not psychics.
In a pinch, take a look at the manual. :slight_smile:

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I'm here for help with Firedragon which means i'm using garuda linux

Yep useless info in the docs

Why do you use firdragon, a privacy browser, if you like to use google?


Hmm, I think you forgot to say so in your original post.

Firedragon is native to Garuda, not exclusive to it. It is in the AUR and the Chaotic AUR, so any Arch-based distro can install it.

You linked exactly to the solution! You were only one click away! :joy:


Cuz it's the stupid built-in Garuda linux browser

That way doesn't work especially for google, they mentioned that

Only those who say stupid things are stupid.
Just use FF or brave or opera, no one forces you to use firedragon, Garuda is not M$.
Next time, please, post your


Can I somehow delete the firedragon broswer??
I haven't tried to using pacman

Yes, read

With this, everything has been said, especially since even after the second request, you did not post the output of



Hi there, @M0stqfa , welcome to the community.

You can remove any package using pacman

sudo pacman -R <package Name>

They did not mention it doesn't work, they mentioned using Mycroft may be necessary.

The linked page (the Firefox one) includes information about this software.

Not for nothing, but if you aren't willing to read a one-page document to set up your browser how you like, Garuda might not be a good distro for you.


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