Google Chrome fonts look weird

Hello, I have in Chrome strange fonts looks wird, not smooth diferent than in Firefox. Please, what can be please? I was resetting all to default" in chrome://flags, and is the same. Thank you for help.

My search show this

I would advise you to use firefox especially since everything fits there :slight_smile:

Since this has nothing to do with KDE or Garuda, where do we put this @team

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Hello, thank you for help and link. This I try before and didnt help me. Some thing can not fond becasue its for older version or for Windows. Yes sorry know that is defoult browser Firefox but need Chrome for some work, drive, adds is not open corect in Firefox...
I work before with kubuntu, RebornOS kde, Manjaro kde and font rendering was fine in Chrome. All setings was defoult in Chrome / I reset few time / So I am sure that some small things - setting in Gardua is not the same. What can be defenet between Manjaro kde and Gardua kde in font setings that chrome take? Thank you Pava

google fonts missing?

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Change fonts in kde

Systemsettings -> fonts

Also try this

fc-cache -fv

Fonts I was change to same like Kubuntu, fc-cache -fv didnt help.

google fonts missing? Where I can add Google fonts?

Just an idea, IDK if it help

pamac or pacman

Hello, thank you for help. No didnt help. I try also to instal Opera and is the same. Did somebody try also chrome or chromium?

Dont know i dont like chromium or anything based on it.

So i use Firefox



Never used chrome and opera looks normal for me.

Maybe you open an issue if possible for closed source on github/gitlab???

I find this maybe can resolve the problem but dont understand what is: Infinality and what need to instal?

Did you check the date on that post?

It's five years old, and things change very quickly on a rolling distro.


Yes true, ok thank you. I will post to github or Google .... Thank you any way. Gardua is going better and better. I try before and was many problem Now is much better OS. Regards


As they say "Rome wasn't built in a day", but it's getting there.


Hello I find the problem. Its scaling.

When I have scaling 100% I have bad rendering in Chrome, but when make 125 % fonts its looks good. But 125% its to much I have big monitor. What I can make to have 100% scaling and good font?

in my opinion it's pretty hard to tell someone what settings are going to look good on their particular hardware unless by fluke you run into someone with exactly the same rig as yours.

Play with the scaling, and font sizes in both your DE and your browser.

Be sure you have Anti-Aliasing enabled, and try different sub pixel rendering, hinting and font DPI settings.


Hello, I find the problem. Was in Setting/Fonts Force font DPI 96. Now I change to 100, Sub pixel RGB and Hinting None and all is ok. Perfect. Thank you. regards.


Glad that helped, and you're welcome.

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