Google Chrome and some other application temporarily freeze

Hi Folks,
I'm loving this distribution! It actually made me change from OpenSUSE to arch based. Have tryed Manjaro and didn't actually feel like, but Garuda is awesome!
I'm just having this little issue. Some applicationa keep temporarily freezing. Which happens most of the times with Google Chrome. It also happens on many difference machines runnig different DE (KDE and BSPWM) even on more resourceful machines, so I rule out machine resource problems. Don't where to look for. My main guess is the Kernel and it's IO tweaks. If anyone could be able to help please tell me which kind of information do you need!

Thanks ind advance and congrats for this great distro!

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Your forum read time is <1 minute. Please use the search function (magnifier) to search on similar topics. Your question has been addressed multiple times.

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I have Googled the forum out before I created an account. This is why you only see this time. Trust me I have 25 years of Linux.

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Ahh...I see. Then perhaps I'll be asking you for help.


Would be happy to help if it's under my knowledge. :slight_smile:


Quite likely the TKG kernel. Try linux or linux-zen.


Or, linux-lts, or linux-mainline.


Hello @singletron did you find a solution ?, I've tried to downgrade the Linux kernel to 5.9 but nothing changed
For me it appear to freeze only google chrome, electron based app, kitty, alacritty, and some other random but works fine with firefox and idea.

Try balancing your btrfs drives through Garuda Assistant. Let us know if you experience a freeze up. If so, for how long, let it (hopefully) resolve on its own if a freeze does occur.


Update on the situation. I've changed to kernel linux-lts. Which for some reasong didn't have the nvidia modules loaded on boot and I solved installing the package nvidia-lts and for now it seems the freezing is gone. Would not call the thread closed yet as I plan to do some IO stress testing later today. Also will check some newer kernel like the linux-mainline. Problem happens on kernels linux-tkg-bmq and linux-zen.

Well that's at least progress in the right direction. Thank you for reporting your findings.


Update. I've run a stress test and the freezing continues. Although it seems it freezes for a smaller amount of time on linux-lts kernel.
Steps to reproduce:

  • Copy a large file trunk directory.
  • Try to use Google Chrome or any electron app.

Maybe we are dealing with BTRFS issue?

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Personally I don't have BTRFS partition or Garuda installed on my machine

I'm only having this issue on Garuda with BTRFS, although I didn't try ext4 on it. But I personally have not had this problem on other distros on the past month.

Are you running on nvidia proprietary drivers @ibytek ?

Yes I'm using proprietary drivers provided by the package nvidia

This suggestion was to find an indication if perhaps your issues were caused by btrfs quotas. As this suggestion has been ignored by every individual that I've responded to on these types of threads in the last week I will no longer be responding to these help requests in the future.

I have suggested this on other threads to test disabling btrfs quotas if you suspect this is a btrfs related issue. As yet no one has responded to my suggestion.

Users that ignore suggestions from admins/mods/devs do so at their own peril. Users that fail to provide feedback to admins suggestions will soon stop receiving suggestions. If this becomes common, then there is no point for a thread where good suggestions are being ignored to remain open.

I was the one who gave you your partial solution by suggesting using the LTS kernel, but I will not bother with further suggestions now. I have provided users with at least a dozen possible solutions on this topic recently. The suggestions are all available on the forum if you search this topic. It is becoming rather tiresome to make the same suggestions over and over when searching will provide the suggestions that have already been covered.

To make matters even more frustrating for moderators not only are we wasting our time making the same suggestions repeatedly, users are ignoring performing the admins suggestions repeatedly as well. As of now, because of users lack of responsiveness to suggestions on this topic I will be ignoring requests for help on this issue in the future.

Just a cautionary warning for all users, when you do not provide proper feedback to mods suggestions you risk not only losing help for yourself from official forum staff, but all users as well. This is one of the reasons so many threads are being locked by admins on the forum nowadays. You can't help users who are unwilling to help themselves. If you ask for assistance and then ignore moderators suggestions you may not receive assistance from mods and if this behavior becomes a habit you also risk your threads simply being locked for lack of proper feedback to forum staff.

Providing technical help remotely is very difficult. It becomes damn near impossible if the user on the other end is uncooperative and unresponsive. Life is a two way street, don't expect to get assistance if you are uncooperative with those attempting to help you.

Sorry @tbg , somehow I lost your suggestion on this matter. I'm doing a balance right now to see if it improves. But to my defence I'm have being promptly to help with any kind of information you might need. Honestly I think Btrfs is a no go. I had my caveats to use it in the past and as I was trying Garuda for the time being I followed the inline installation guide. Will check if there is any improvements after balancing and will report back.

Best regards


Mh, let us see the inxi :-) , second translation work it seems.

So my first thougt is, it is your hardware.

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The act of balancing itself is not likely to result in a miraculous improvement. It is more of an indicator of if perhaps btrfs is one of the factors involved with the freezes you are experiencing.

Disabling btrfs quotas would be the next logical step if you experience a freeze during a balancing operation.

The Garuda forum support staff will not provide assistance for Garuda installs not done on a btrfs drive. Just FYI.

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