Goodbye mcfly, Hello hishtory!

I am not affiliated with either project. About a week ago I was browsing the linuxserver page and came across hishtory. I selfhost a bunch of stuff, just ask me...

Hishtory does the same thing as mcfly. If you have just one device you can use sqlite. Where history excels is syncs all of your terminals across devices. If you are working offline, hishtory will sync when reconnected. You can use control+r to use hishtory. You can search all your history across all of your devices.

Hishtory was very easy to install on garuda linux.

set -Ux HISHTORY_SERVER http://<ipaddress>:<port>
curl | python3 -
history init

The history secret key is needed for your other devices as well. The same key is needed on all your devices. On the second device:

set -Ux HISHTORY_SERVER http://<ipaddress>:<port>
curl | python3 -
history init <secretkey>


I run this behind a proxy as a subfolder, by stripping the pathprefix.

set -Ux https://<domain>/<subfolder>

EDIT: Prehaps this should have been under requests!


I moved it from Issues & Assistance to Garuda Community Since it looked like you were suggesting a good replacement for McFly rather than asking for help with anything. Incase I assumed wrong please feel free to move it back to Issues & Assistance.

btw, the name of this software sounds like what a drunk onee-san from a Japanese anime would pronounce "history" as. Just a small observation. :grin:


Thanks for moving this. Honestly, I just wanted to show a great piece of software. I like when I run across posts like this, and thought I would share. Yes, I would love to have this as a default instead of mcfly. It is super fast written in go and seems to be very secure when you read through the readme on github.

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