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I'm Leo. Right now I'm still using Arch, however I plan to migrate to Garuda Linux once my new GPU is here. I'm kinda lazy and a distro that's already configured for gaming seems to be a smart choice. Also the (KDE) DE looks gorgeous. Not that I couldn't just configure it the way it's in Garuda myself, but that would take time and effort and... well, I'm lazy.

I already registered to be able to get support if I encounter any troubles. With any luck the GPU should be here the next few days, hopefully till Saturday. My old one unfortunately started giving up (an RX 580) and since I wanted to upgrade anyway and the prices, though still pretty high, are at least somewhat payable, I ordered a new one (RX 6800). Plan on ending my dual-boot then making more space for gaming on Linux. Haven't booted into Win10 for quite some time anyhow, so that won't be much of a loss.


Warning: [Me too] :smiley:



Welcome to the forums and yep we all are lazy hahah


in order not to redo, we do our job well, because we are lazy :smile:

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Well the store and shipping was crazy fast, so it's already installed.

Quite nice. :slight_smile:

Edit: Whoever had the idea to give the update-manager an automated mirror-rater deserves a freaking medal btw ^^


Welcome to Garuda.


IIRC , idea and coded by @TNE :slight_smile:
You mean garuda-update?

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Jupp. I know the rankmirrors-script from Arch, but I always found it quite annoying to handle. Really nice to have it build into the program, since it's quite useful.

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I started this distro in june. This is the handsomest distro and awesome people I have ever seen. Every desktop is awesome in its own way but, I am a kde fanboy so to speak.