Good evening from England!

Hi everyone,

Happy to be here. :slight_smile: Went full-time on Linux on the desktop about a year ago. Been hopping around for a while. Used to love Kubuntu back in the day so generally use Plasma (although I’ve messed about with WMs like Awesome, Sway, Hyprland etc.)

Distros wise, I remember trying Red Hat (before it was RHEL) as one of the first. Since going full-time, I’ve been between Ubuntu Studio, Manjaro, EndeavourOS and also had a look at Fedora (for an hour), BlendOS (for less than an hour) and Debian (not very long at all) I remembered someone mentioning Garuda a few months ago and I always thought an eagle (and especially a dragon!) is cooler than a boat or a space shuttle, so rather than going back to Endeavour, I thought I would install Garuda!

Very nice! Had my system partially setup after about 10 minutes and pretty much fully up and working in a few hours (adding the tweaks and setups I normally do). The calamares installer is nice and does everything you’d expect efficiently and simply.

I’m hoping to call this my new home - at least for the time being. Something about arch-based distros (probably the AUR) that keeps me coming back. Looks like a great community that I’m happy to be a part of!



and keep in mind



Welcome to the wide, wacky, wonderful world of Garuda Linux!


Thanks for the welcome all! Happy to be here :wink: