GNS3 from Chaotic no longer working

Is this...

Failed to prepare transaction (invalid or corrupt database) - #10 3

possibly why GNS3 and Dynamips are preventing installation of other programs and failing to update, giving me following messages: "failed to prepare transaction", "target not found"?

I had to uninstall these apps using Stacer as Chaotic would not remove them, and would trigger the same message. They wouldn't reinstall, also throwing the same message.

I restored an older disc image of Garuda, reverting everything back to a month old image. Now everything uninstalls/reinstalls from chaotic no prob. But GNS3 still doesn't work.


According to the comments on AUR for gns3 -gui (I don't know if this is valid also for the -server) it seems that the package has to be adjusted due to a dependency.


Very likely the answer I'm looking for. Looks like a bit of a troubleshooting task. Will get back to you on this one. Might take a day or so, due to my schedule. Thanks again Filo!

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No problem.
Please consider that downgrading that problematic dependency, as suggested there, poses a risk of breaking things, that you have to weigh vs the importance of that package for you.


Duly noted. Looks like this process is going to make good use of snapshots. :woozy_face:

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Should I quit JamesDSP when the problem occurs in order to isolate, given it's intermittency? Or, just remove JamesDSP and report back in a couple of weeks as to whether the problem has not come back?

Thanks for the tip!

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Got it. Still have a lot to learn about forum etiquette. Thanks.

if it's an AUR package issue, you can leave a comment on the AUR package


Primary solution didn't work for me. Don't want to try the sketchy pip solution. Uninstalled it for now. Going to try standard cli install method for Arch. Think I will have the same problem?

Yes, I think you'll have a problem building the package.
Reading the comments there seem to be other suggestions, like changing the PKGBUILD before building in order to specify the python-jsonschema version, so you might try that as well.
There are also other comments mentioning other dependencies (e.g. python-sentry_sdk, python-urllib3), not clear to me (I have only quickly read the comments in the 1st page...) although they seem slightly newer in the last update than the comments. Just try...

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I tinkered a tiny a bit with no real solution. Unfortunately I just started a python project that is going to take a month or two, so not only do I not have the time to deep dive right now, but I can't risk messing up my python packages. For now I will just have to run GNS3 on my Pop OS install. I will circle back around to the issue asap, because this is the only program I can't get to work on Garuda. If/when I figure it out, I will post the solution. I really appreciate the advice. I'm sure it's the path to my solution.

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