GNOME manual intervention required (in preparation to new release)

Hello guys!
So in preparation to our new release I have removed all extensions from the garuda-gnome-settings package which causes GNOME look kinda default after updating to the new version. This has to be done on all distributions running the latest software due to GNOMEs sh*t policy regarding extension support. Dont worry, this wont have to be repeated soon. :slight_smile:

If you want to keep the extensions until they break (and remove them yourself if they do) there is an easy way:

  1. download this file
  2. Untar it and move the extensions folder to ~/.local/share/gnome-shell
  3. If necessary re-enable the extensions after reloading the shell

(this simply moves the extensions from /usr/share/gnome-shell to the user path so it only affects the current account, keeping other user accounts intact.)

Assuming you have the extensions.tar.xz in ~/Downloads you can for example type:

cd ~/Downloads
tar xvf extensions.tar.xz
cp -r extensions ~/.local/share/gnome-shell

For re-enabling the extensions the "Layout Changer" can be used. Even though its using extensions I left it in the settings package for now. It will be removed prior to the next release :slight_smile:


Layout changer is gone after update.

I removed that too yesterday, sorry :confused:

Its not in our repo since i included it via the settings package, but here you are. Download & doubleclick to install. :smile: