GNOME Lite Edition?

Why there isn't also GNOME Lite Edition just like KDE Lite? I mean, those two DE are most popular I think and it would be nice to have also barebones edition of GNOME.


Actually i now maintain gnome edition

It's exclusively an OEM edition now


Sorry, what does that mean?

It means the ISO is already running close to stock. Removing additional packages, which is what a "lite" version would do, isn't really possible if no additional packages have been added.

It is possible you think you are asking for something different than what you are actually asking for. What specifically do you wish was different about the spin?

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Not sure if this is helpful, but you can think of a Linux desktop as a brand. Its basically a team of developers/designers who put together a GUI environment for the user.

KDE, KDE Plasma, and KDE Lite are such teams/brands, who built a GUI from the "Qt libraries". GNOME uses the GTK libraries. There are many other teams who base their GUI on GTK, and my closest analogy to "GNOME Lite" would be Xfce, which also uses GTK (and its own gets complicated, and I possibly offended every Xfce fan with that comment :slight_smile: ).

So there may not be a "GNOME Lite" brand, but there are window managers/GUIs based on the same building blocks of GNOME that are "Lighter" than GNOME itself. HTH

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that's not how Linux works. Garuda has different KDE ISOs but a single Gnome ISO. How KDE ISOs are maintajned/ branded are different from how GNOME is done because have they a different ecosystem.

Gnome lite wouldn't be Xfce, since Xfce is not related to Gnome.

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