GNOME: Keep windows on reboot? (LWSM)

Hi, on Garuda Gnome, there doesn't seem to be a way to restore windows on reboot. I've worked around this by installing the node package linux-window-session-manager and then using crontab to restore the windows on boot:

@reboot sleep 30 && /usr/bin/lwsm restore

Is there a better way of doing this? Preferably, a way to run "lwsm restore" to restore my session on login without using crontab, as it is not reliable. I know on KDE & XFCE, you can run a command on login with the startup application. On Garuda Gnome, you can only select applications, not run short commands. Can you do that on Garuda Gnome? Any help is appreciated.

A web search for "gnome restore session" brought me here:

So yes, there's a way to do it.

BUT it's broken (under Wayland?), so the solution you found is the solution.


Yes, it is indeed broken, but you pointed me towards a solution found on the ubuntu website.

I had to install "gnome-session-properties" from the AUR, and then add the custom command "/usr/bin/lwsm restore" to the startup apps section.


I believe KDE has this feature. I remember being annoyed by it years earlier, when all my apps repopulated assuming that I might actually want to resume an activity, and in most cases, I did not.
Just saying...plasma?


But yes, if GNOME won't do it, all of the other DEs are sure to... :joy:

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I was previously on Manjaro KDE for a month and the UI was just extremely laggy with 6 workspaces on my 980 Ti with proprietary drivers. Same issue when I tested Garuda KDE a few days ago. This led me to discover XFCE, then Gnome. The workflow and features on gnome are simple, yet it is my favorite by far.


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