Gnome - How to install extensions from Brave Browser extension

I don't know how to install Extensions and have gone round and round trying to find out getting nowhere.

I have the Gnome extensions extension in Brave, but it just downloads to Downloads folder. I thought the whole point was that it would install from the browser. Would appreciate that. I like my panel down below. Not a big deal but would be nice to fix. by installing Dash to Dock which I have on Manjaro Gnome and works fine.

If cannot install from browser, could someone please show me step by step instructions on how to install from the downloaded zip?


Im not sure whether the extension works the same on Firefox & Chrome based browsers but the last time I tried it (on Firefox based browsers only so far) it was able to install straight from :eyes:

I'm curious, are they already shipping GNOME 40? :crazy_face:


What made you think it works from within Brave?


Have you read and followed the existing instructions of the extension?

You MUST install native connector for this extension to work.

For Arch Linux there is a PKGBUILD available in the AUR: AUR (en) - chrome-gnome-shell-git

You also can install connector manually. See Projects/GnomeShellIntegrationForChrome/Installation - GNOME Wiki! for install instructions.


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