Gnome desktop how is it for you

I installed Garuda Gnome edition
Wow what a pleasant surprise. you guys are on the ball and really have done Gnome proud
Theming is very good, all jells together
Wayland worked out the box with my Nvidia card out the box,
I can see why you branched out on your own.
I get the feeling this needs to come off a hdd and go on one of my sdd drives its good.


just wanted to ask
should we add these packages to gnome edition

>extra gnome-shell-extension-arc-menu-git               
>extra gnome-shell-extension-cpufreq-git                              
>extra gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock-git           
>extra gnome-shell-extension-gamemode-git               
>extra gnome-shell-extension-gsconnect                        
>extra gnome-shell-extension-netspeed-git               
>extra gnome-shell-extension-refresh-wifi-git           
>extra gnome-shell-extension-sound-output-device-chooser

Gnome tweaks a must have
Arc-menu yes
Dash to dock yes
Gsconnect umm it does not always work for me
sound chooser yes handy for bt headphones
The others i’m not sure,
Let me say this You are starting a bit like Manjaro did that is a good move, now you need a good forum leader like Ringo was for Manjaro its not what he knew it was his infusiasum and a few others you have a great product that is very polished, it has its own nitch and can really take off with care


I'll do my best :wink:
and @librewish anyway :slight_smile:

This ringo from EnOS?
ringo-sgs :wink:


I am trying to put the GNOME edition on usb using Rufus. Rufus says that it is a truncated ISO missing 105 MB of data. The MD5 and SHA are both correct with what is posted. I have also tired using balenaEtcher and it just creates a corrupt usb.

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My working workflow is in terminal

sudo dd bs=4M if=garuda-gnome-Rolling-lite-200427-linux-zen.iso of=/dev/YourUSB-Path status=progress oflag=sync

YourUSB-Path = sdX


I am not building it in linux.

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I stopped using winOS a long time ago.

Seems a good choice, try another USB-Stick if possible.
Last etcher use dd by default , if you use older version set dd mode.

And welcome to Garuda Linux :slight_smile:

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Already used etcher only makes corrupt usb drive with the GNOME iso. I made usb drives of the other flavors and the all work just the GNOME one does not.

Which version?
There were 33 downloads, of the version I tested, and it does not work only for you.
Please check if we mean the same one.





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It has the right SHA1 and MD5 the same as before. As far as I can get when booting with the iso. Is a load screen with an eagle’s head with free driver. The nonfree get stops at a different screen. This is the error I receive (mount: /run/miso/sfs/rootfs: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop3,missing codepage or helper program or other error ERROR: failed to mount ‘/dev/loop3’ . This error happens on two diffrent usb drives with free and nonfree drivers.

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Please post in/output from

lsblk -f

with connected USB-Stick.

 sdb     iso966 Garuda_Gnome_Rolling_Lite
         iso966 Garuda_Gnome_Rolling_Lite
 sdb 2 
         vfa Garuda_Gnome_Rolling_Lite
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in and output from my USB-Stick, here Xfce lite

~ >>> lsblk -f 
NAME   FSTYPE  FSVER            LABEL                    UUID                                 FSAVAIL FSUSE% MOUNTPOINT

sde    iso9660 Joliet Extension GARUDA_XFCE_ROLLING_LITE 2020-05-04-22-59-54-00                              
├─sde1 iso9660 Joliet Extension GARUDA_XFCE_ROLLING_LITE 2020-05-04-22-59-54-00                              
└─sde2 vfat    FAT12            MISO_EFI                 C420-5CB3

So , I :man_shrugging:t3: do not know,
maybe @librewish know more.

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That’s alright thanks for your help anyway. I will just use a different desktop environment.


how should we build the gnome ultimate edition

with gaming stuff
or without gaming stuff

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I think you should make it with gaming stuff, cause otherwise no big difference from “Lite”…

And adding more and more extensions would be pointless in the “Ultimate” edition cause Gnome updates gonna brake 'em.

And it should contain more “useful” tools i guess… like “gnome-tweaks” & “dconf-editor”, plus some others that could be used from the “Kde gaming” edition.