GNOME design customization similar to Dragonized version

For people that prefer Gnome over KDE for its user-friendly experience and simplicity but still want the look and feel of Garuda Dragonized KDE's customization, you can accomplish it using GTK Sweet theme, libadwaita theme changer, some gnome extensions such as dash-to-panel, dash-to-docker and blur-my-shell, and if you also want the icon pack, sweet icons. You can install all of this very easily from Gnome Look and the Gnome extensions website.

Since I am a new member, I can't upload images just yet, but I uploaded four screenshots showing my Gnome "Dragonized" desktop and would suggests the devs to take a look and see if they would like to make this the Garuda's Gnome version default UI:


Nice themeing :+1:

Well, this thing totally depends on the maintainer who is maintaining it and second thing I would say is that everyone has different taste :wink:

And welcome to garuda community :beers:


Welcome :slight_smile:

I got "502 Bad Gateway, nginx", only first link work.

Personally, I would find it awful and boring if all DE's looked like Nico's KDE theme.
There are already too many that look similar :smiley:
But the nice thing is that you can easily customize it to your needs.

And tips how to do that are always welcome. :slight_smile:


Nice themeing :+1: . Though can you tell me what software you are using to measure resource usage here. It looks too good to just ignore for me. :sweat_smile:

It's btop:

sudo pacman -S btop

There is python version of it too :

sudo pacman -S bpytop

Hi there, i am using btop, just install it and run on your terminal.

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