Gnome calculator not launching

I do not like the calculator there already is (KCalc), because it's just a simple thing and you can't paste equations there, so I wanted to install (and did so) Gnome Calculator, but even though trying to install it again says I already have it, I can not find it anywhere in my computer, and searching for it via Meta->Gnome Calculator doesn't show anything aside of "Get Gnome Calculator", which doesn't launch at all.

Is it a known issue or something? I did search in the internet a little but aside of the stupid arch wiki (which I don't understand anything from) and I didn't find anything that would help me. Eventually, if Gnome Calculator can only work on Gnome environment or some other weirdness, is there any calculator similar to Gnome's? Thank you in advance.

PS: So far I'm having a blast with Garuda even though I have plenty of Arch-related issues which I spend hours on.

Run these on a terminal:

sudo pacman -S gnome-calculator
gnome-calculator &
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@Adios Post an update about how it went after you try what I posted above

Dunno how THIS worked, but it did. Funny because I used "sudo pacman -S gnome-calculator" before and now it actually installed stuff. Or I just missed something and didn't realize. Thank you!

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Also, funny how my keybindings for Dolphin and the Gnome Calculator stopped working after installing Gnome Calculator, while everything else works fine. Guess I just have to restart my PC.

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