GNOME bluetooth headset stops playing sound


Garuda connects to my headset and works well playing sound. However occasionally the sound will simply stop, as if it is muted. There is no indication in the sound GUI that this is happening, the output settings indicator keeps pulsing as if sound was still playing. This can be temporally solved by running systemctl restart --user pipewire.service pipewire-pulse.service and reconnecting the headphones but the problem quickly returns. My Bluetooth is provided by Intel Corporation Device 2723.

Thanks in advance for your help

PipeWire is still under development and not quite as reliable as PulseAudio (which in itself isn’t one of the most reliable bits of software).

To switch back to PulseAudio:

sudo pacman -S pulseaudio pulseaudio-bluetooth
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Bluetooth technology itself is rather a work in progress as well. Wherever possible I would recommend using something other than a Bluetooth device. Constant updates in bluetooth technology usually equals constant issues with bluetooth on a rolling distro. Kernel updates have broken Bluetooth many times of late and that is not something Garuda can do anything about.

Before all the Ubuntu fans pipe in with their usual refrain of "but, but, it works in Ubuntu" that would be because static distros only apply security patches to their kernels between releases.

Arch Linux and all it's derivative distros such as Garuda (and many others) use kernels that are constantly being updated with the most recent kernel advances. With constant advances also comes new bugs. You either need to accept the good with the bad on a rolling distro, or go back to a more stable, (but outdated) static model. Such is life in the fast lane on cutitng/bleeding edge rolling distros. You will receive fixes sooner, but you will also be the first recipients of any new bugs as well.

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This is good advice. While this does mean that using Garuda is not viable for me, I do really appreciate the work you have done and I am very impressed with this distribution as a whole. Thank you for taking the time to respond to me. :slight_smile:

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It does not mean that you cannot resolve your issue. However, it will take some effort and learning on your part to get things working.

This audio stuff is all brand new and in heavy development currently.

Good luck on whatever distro you choose.


Why does configuring your system to use PulseAudio instead of PipeWire make Garuda “not viable”?

All other distros use PulseAudio by default?



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