GNOME appearance changed out of nowhere

My desktops appearance changed, like my taskbar moved to The activities section i tried the tweaks and then appearance and then to shell

It used to look like this but it changed

It looks like this now

Well, its not out of nowhere, its GNOME being GNOME :neutral_face: (that means extensions love to break when a new major release, such in this case GNOME 40, is out)

Once all the stuff got released in the Arch repos we will have to remove all the extensions anyway.


So what do i uh do?

Do i switch to kde dragonized?

okay ill format my drive again and move to kde dragonized

Thats probably the best idea if you dont like plain GNOME :+1:


does kde dragonized get the same issue?

No its KDE which is perfectly fine with major upgrades :blush::dragon:

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Will gnome get fixed any time soon?

I got dragonised flashed to my usb, just want to know if gnome will get fixed any time soon?

Most likely early april :frowning:

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Well we planned to ship gnome without extensions from now on to prevent exactly such situations.
Its sadly nothing we can "fix" as its caused by gnome not caring for extension support :confused:
So, to enhance user experience this is definitly the right thing to do..


Oh okay so all and all its best i switch, in the case i dont like dragonised ill just deal with gnome.

Also is dragonised slower compared to gnome?

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