[GNOME] About the today's ISO build

So finally in this build, extensions got completely disabled to avoid any bugs (I understand).
But in this process, "User Theme" extension is also disabled due to which the desktop is not looking as what it should look.

however it looks like:

Secondly, in the kvantum manager sweetified theme is selected but is kinda bugged.

Fix was to open kvantum manager and select "Sweet" theme and not the sweetified one.

Also when installing, the pictures which appears in calamares where kinda bugged. It was a pic in between surrounded with very big white borders. Maybe my system specific. (Could not get screenshot of that)

Other than that everything looks great.

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The images in calamares are not scalable, so there is a white border when you zoom calamares.


Thanks for the report, will look into it :slight_smile:


Also, The sweet shell theme is messed up.

hum.... there are daily ISO builds ?

Only dr460nized is built daily all others are built weekly


ohh didn't knew ... its not linked in the main site, is it ? it tried searching for it but didn't found it.

Yeah only the ones we think are ready are on website

You can find the daily and weekly builds on



thanks ! I

its good to know

1 more thing.
The theme "Sweet" which garuda comes with, is bugged. [SOMETIMES]

As RUanauR said as well, maybe this fixes it.

If you guys can replace it with "Sweet-Dark-v40" it would be great (if you go in Sweet - Gnome-look.org and check) because it specifically says it is compatible with gnome 40 shell. Also we can see changelogs, they fixed some bugs so might be good.

And this theme should be enabled in shell theme for correct look and fixing visual glitches. (and for that user theme extension need to be enabled)

the v40 theme is giving this look btw:

Im not experiencing that wierd visual bugs now with this theme, also a bug was there in which the cross button of windows (in the activities view) cuts in half, it also seems to fixed applying this latest version.

Developers please see into it and maybe update it.
Thanks so much.

Did no-one from team read this?

Read :slight_smile:

Ten chars for discourse.


Sorry we couldn't meet your expectations within 6 hours.
It doesn't help to keep repeating this, so I have closed it (for now).