Gnome 45 in Garuda linux

Any Idea when will Garuda get gnome 45 ?

As always, as soon as it is ready. :slight_smile:


This basically depends on when Arch has it ready. Which is, as soon as it is ready, as pointed out already :stuck_out_tongue:


Arch typically holds off until the XX.1 release for Gnome, to try to take the curse off of every possible thing breaking simultaneously.


Once burnt, twice shy? Twice burnt, sigh. Said the former and probably future GNOME user. :wink:


Every Gnome release, the Gnome devs are like “Gnome is perfect as it is, you don’t need extensions, they are not supported and we are going to put in zero effort to prevent them from being broken”, and then everyone installs extensions anyway, and then the next release comes out and all the extensions break, and everyone acts all shocked and angry. Rinse and repeat ad nauseam, and still the Gnome users are drawn to the extensions like moths to the flame…


The reason i use gnome because of gestures and modern look. Also don’t know why the window doesn’t minimize or maximize whenever i pull it down in dragonized edition.

hopefully not too early. I don’t wanna have a broken system

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Genereally…most of the extensions are ported to new version. You can’t say it always broke

I can’t stop laughing. :laughing:

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I don’t really use Gnome, so you’d know better than me. I do see in the forums that the extensions breaking every update is a recurring theme, but perhaps every extension was an exaggeration.

:loudspeaker:…Until now, that is! Introducing Gnome 45, where every extension is pretty much guaranteed to break! On purpose! :loudspeaker:

It’s a feature, not a bug. :wink:


Gnome 45 working as it should do you cowards you know KDE sucks just don’t admit it.

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It’s a feature, not a bug. yes the feature is you read all the trash and believe it Gnome 45 is up and running on my desktop with all i need top panel and menu

It’s pretty much the only “big” package which gets withheld by the Arch maintaners every time for quite a long period, because there’s always something with it.

I love Gnome. But I wouldn’t use it on Fedora, where it gets shipped directly as a testground.

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Which are pretty much all that evar work in GUH-NOME. :wink:

Like being stranded in the desert IMO.

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Yeah but its a good desert to be in unlike the KDE windows pretend look alike

gnome 45 worked out of the box unlike the disasters in the past from both KDE and Gnome

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I will admit that the advent of KDE 3.5 drove me & a kajillion other KDE users to GNOME. That’s when we all went “Eek” at that barren waste(less)land. I’d been running SuSE and tried their GNOME version but it just felt all wrong. However, Warty Warthog was sure fun to play with. :smiley:

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